Ask Away Friday (The Little People Version)

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It’s been a while since I have done an Ask Away Friday, and I guess you could technically say I am not actually doing this Ask Away Friday.  Why?  Well, I am asking the questions, but this is The Little People Version.  Tamara from (Tamara Like Camera) and myself have decided to let the little one’s in on the fun. Today it’s us, sitting back, and letting Scarlet and Addy ask each other the questions.

Here’s the thing. If you have popped over here from Tamara, you are probably going to notice the difference in pictures. Yep. She is a badass photographer and I just play one on TV. No seriously, she is amazing at photography, and I am not. Um, she’s a professional! I’m ok, but we just can’t compare with her brilliance. (That’s my official disclosure!) So no making fun of me. :-)

Now let’s get started with Ask Away Friday with The Little People.  Just who are these little people? Well this little girl is Addy, my youngest munchkin.

Color-8290 (1)


Now you might be thinking that Addy looks like a sweetie pie and that this is a fabulous picture. WELL, our family photographer took that picture (with her shutter speed as fast as it could be, because Addy doesn’t sit still).

These pictures below are the kind of pictures you will get with the rest of the post. Blurry grainy pics I take and crazy Addy in motion.

Addy at the waterfall

But enough about my silly picture taking.  Let’s answer some questions for this fabulous little lady below. The precious Princess Scarlet.



Now that our introductions are out of the way.  It’s now time for Addy to take over the blog with her answers.  She likes to be short and sweet sometimes, and others she likes to ramble.  I will let her do her own thing, and when I am interjecting it will look like this. Let’s go!

1.  What is your favorite dessert and why?

Um. Chocolate cake. And ice cream. And I like lunchables.

Why lunchables?

Because I like to make them.



2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Um. A Doctor teacher.

Like Doc McStuffins? 

Yes. I like Doc McStuffins. I like my Stethascope.

Addy Doc McStuffins


3. What is the last dream you remember having?

Um. I dream about my sissy.

Your sissy?

Yes her. (Points to sissy!)

DIY Beanie from an Upcycled Sweater

4. Do you have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal?

Yes I like my Minnie Mouse and my dog.

Which dog do you like, you have so many!

I like my white one.

Easy DIY Fabric Painted and Patterned Pillow Case with FrogTape® Shape Tape™ via 10

5. How many pets does your family have and what are their names?

We have Ranger who is a puppy (but he is actually 2 years old now, she just still calls him a puppy). We have Fiona the kitty (who is actually 10 years old now). And then we have Roxie (the teenagers Hamster that has had a surprisingly long life!).


Ranger was actually sick when we got him.  He was one of a few puppies at the breeders who had contracted Parvo, and it was the first case this breeder had at his kennel in over 35 years.  We had driven two days to get him and two days to get home to find out that his treatment was going to cost us more than Ranger did (and he wasn’t cheap!) The vet actually advised us to take him back, but we argued that Ranger had picked us to be his family, and as a family we would do whatever it took to make him better.


After two weeks in the hospital, he was finally able to come home.  It was the best decision we ever made, because this “little” guy is the best.

Addy and Ranger

 And he is truly one of the most beautiful labs I think I have ever seen.



Ranger2 “Ok I have posed for your pictures, now it’s time to play!”


Then we have Fiona. She is the RULER of the house.

“Look into my eyes…..”


“You silly people just bore me…”


Then we have Roxie.


“Oh, look! She left the door open…perfect timing for an escape!”



6. What is your favorite movie, and why?



Why Frozen?


(Acts exasperated I had to ask!)

My favorite is Elsa. 2nd is Anna. Christoff, Sven, and Olaf.

DIY Inspired Frozen Olaf Shirt Tutorial via

7. Do you have a favorite color? What is it?

I like Pink. (That’s my girl! )

Why do you like Pink? 

Because my room is pink.

Well OK.

Easy DIY Bed Crown Cornice Tutorial

8. What is your favorite song?


What song?(Video probably says it all…but she was a bit shy to sing with me recording her, and because she runs everywhere at top speed, I had to make sure she was locked down with a seatbelt.)

She is usually WAY more animated, so maybe next time I won’t have her in the seat. 

9. What do you want to be for Halloween?  Does it scare you or is it fun?

I wanna be a witch. I’m gonna be a witch. Halloween is fun. You don’t want to be a princess? Or Elsa? I wanna be a witch.

Embellished Paper Mache Witch Hats

Here are some of my other Halloween costumes.  I’ve only had 3.





Halloween 3

10. What are you most looking forward to in school this year?

Um. I don’t know. New friends. And Mickey Mouse.

Addy Easter Egg Hunt



Addy owl apron

Anything else?

Um. Halloween.

Haha! Ok.

Thanks to Tamara and Scarlet for having us do a little different Ask Away Friday this week! Make sure you head over to check out all of her answers to our questions. My teenager has requested that she be allowed to do one with someone now….Any takers????


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  1. says

    Oh stop! I love your photos! And I love the idea of homemade lunchables. So cool!
    Also, I almost sent you a photo of Scarlet dressed as a sunflower when she was three. It looks like that photo above! Yellow head instead of pink.
    I smiled the whole time I read this! I love the video and Scarlet did too. She also loved the “cute dog” and what a nice story of nursing him back from Parvo. That is scary!
    Thank you for swapping with me, Addy and Jen! So much fun.
    Tamara recently posted…Scarlet Is In The Hotseat!My Profile

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks so much!! We had such a good time doing this. Every time I would show her Scarlet’s picture she would say “that’s my friend from far away!” She was so excited. :-)

  2. says

    She is so adorable. I will have to swap with you soon. :)

    My youngest loves Frozen too.

    If you asked him what his favorite song is, he would pick Let it Go, Want to Build a Snowman, What does the Fox Say, or Happy.


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