Easter Bunny Brownies with Printable Topper

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Easter Bunny Brownie and free printable
I am really getting excited about Easter.  We have had 3 straight snow days in a row with school being out and I finally had to start baking desserts to help keep the sanity. We don’t get a lot of snow in Louisiana, but this week we saw quite a bit for our area.  I have already made plenty of soups to stay warm, but now it’s time to start making the sweet stuff. That’s when the littlest one and I decided to make these cute Easter Bunny Brownies with Printable Toppers.  You don’t need a ton for this cute

Reading Comprehension Bookmark Reminders (Printables)

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Reading Comprehension Bookmark Reminders
When my oldest was younger she could read like a machine! We were so excited that she could read so well, and with so much inflection in her voice as she did so.  While that was exciting, one of the main things she would have a problem with would be comprehension.  She could read like the dickens, but when you asked her “What did you just read? What was the main point?”, she would not have any idea. We would practice reading, and eventually she overcame that small deficit. Now that my younger one is learning to read, I want

DIY Homemade All Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Homemade All Natural Hand Sanitizer via @PinkWhen
  I don’t know about you but I can sometimes be a bit of a “germaphobe”. I don’t mean to be, but I am constantly using hand sanitizer. I have a bottle in my car door and I have a bottle in my purse. If I am ever doing anything anywhere with my hands, you can bet my hand sanitizer is about to be used! I don’t actually buy my hand sanitizer anymore, I make my own. Today I am going to share with you how to make your own DIY Homemade Hand Sanitizer. You may have noticed I like

Sweet Dreams Linen Spray

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Sweet Dreams DIY Linen Spray
My little 6 year old niece is such a fun loving precocious girl.  She is seriously smart and can have a hard time turning her brain off at night.  Her mom, my sister in law, was online not long ago and found a lavender scented linen spray.  She ordered it to help my niece relax just before bedtime and found that it really helped. Unfortunately that company is no longer making the linen spray and she is quickly running out. That’s why I am here today to share with you a quick tutorial for Sweet Dreams Linen Spray. Before I got

Homemade Lemon Scented Dusting Spray

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Homemade All Natural Lemon Scented Dusting Spray
Going to the store and buying cleaning supplies is super easy to do, but making your own is just as easy, saves money, and SO much better. I love the fact that I know exactly what is going in the bottle and what I am spraying into the air at my house. It really cleans amazingly and smells so good. This Homemade Lemon Scented Dusting Spray is one of my new favorite cleaning supplies! Here is a list of the supplies you will need to make your very own homemade Lemon scented dusting spray. Make sure you use glass bottles,

101 Souvenirs

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101 Souvenirs
A couple of years ago we rented a condo at the beach for EIGHT days. We had never all been together for that many consecutive days since the birth of our eight year-old! I had waited until the last minute to book, so there were plenty of discounts to be had. Stay 7 nights and the 8th night is free! I bit. I thought to myself….heaven. No cooking and cleaning for 8 days. Lots of listening to the waves while reading a novel. Lots of lounging by the pool. Lots of board games.   To make the most of my

Out and About Free Printable

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Out and About Free Printable
Tis the season of hustle and bustle. Am I right? First it was Halloween costumes, Halloween parties, buying candy and getting ready for those trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell. Next up? Shopping for coordinating outfits for family pictures, arranging the photography session, extra trips to the grocery store for the family Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving. Now we’re on to Christmas plays, Christmas parties, shopping for that perfect gift. It can be a wild and crazy ride! Out and About Free Printable Last year I vowed to spend more time savoring the season from Halloween into the New Year. Because 1// I

Christmas Printable Place Cards

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Christmas Dinner Printable Place Cards 1
It’s finally time to get into the full swing of everything Christmas.  I know this weekend is all about shopping, shopping, shopping, but you can save a little money and download these super cute free printable Christmas Printable Place Cards. Christmas Printable Place Cards I really love both of these designs.  You can choose and print out one, or print them both out for fun!  I love the idea of using one set for the adults and one set for the kiddos. I know mine will get a kick out of having place cards at the dinner table. Christmas Printable

Make Your List. Check It Twice.

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make your list. (1)
It’s Sarah, back from Printable Charm! So good to visit with you again! Did you do download your F-R-E-E printable and do your homework ? If you missed the last post, you should go read it now! Today we are sharing how to keep all of those details in order for the busy months ahead! . Make Your List. Check it Twice!  Have you ever taken a cooking class? Everything is prepared for you in advance. The ingredients are measured and placed at your clean workstation in separate bowls. Finish one dish, and the pots and pans magically disappear. Surfaces

Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

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Christmas Printable Coloring Pages
This year is such a fun year for our family.  All of our kiddos are so excited that Christmas is not far off, and to help them get into the mood a little more, I created these fun Christmas Printable Coloring Pages and a DIY coloring book to help them celebrate.   There are so many things I love about Christmas.  We get to celebrate the birth of Jesus, spend time with family, create memories, and share memories from Christmas’s past. Sometimes with Christmas vacation comes travel, and hopefully these fun Christmas Printable Coloring Pages will take up a little time