Sunday Quote – Try

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Are you a fan of Yoda? We are sort of fond of his little sayings in our household. I find it goes a long way with the kids when I break out the Yoda voice than when I sincerely tell them something they are very touchy about. For instance, saying “Can’t never could” has never been well received by any of my children. The pouting would only become worse. Laughter can go a long way in sending and receiving a message. Here is today’s quote.  Click here to download. 

Summer Beach Vacation Free Printable Checklist

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Summer Beach Vacation Checklist Free Printable
Don’t you hate it when you get out to the beach and you forgot something?  I would hate it even if I LIVED on the beach (which I don’t).  Thankfully, I went over all of the things I always seem to forget to drag down to the beach or pack into our vacation bags. With that being said, I decided to help make things easier for all of us and create this Summer Beach Vacation Free Printable Checklist.  

Sunday Quotes, a new beginning….

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DEFEAT Zig ZIglar Quote
I have always loved to talk with quotes.  {Seriously.}  I was on the debate team and I had an entire BOOK of quotes.  The faster you were at spouting them out, the better you were at debating.  It was always good to have an analogy to compare/relate to something. Starting on Sundays, I am going to start sharing with you some of my favorite quotes.  I will make them into a free printable, so that you can also carry around your quotes to be inspired by. This week I am sharing one on DEFEAT.  Raising children is hard, and teaching

Rainbow Loom Lucky Charm Bracelet and Free Printable

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Rainbow Loom Lucky Charm Shamrock Bracelet and Free Printable
I have to give you this disclosure up front:  I am only responsible for half of this post.  As much as I like to loom scarves and hats and boot cuffs, I have never grabbed a rainbow loom and made a bracelet.  While I made the printable for this post, my 13 year old daughter is responsible for the bracelets. If you are looking for a perfect St. Patty’s Day gift or to keep from getting pinched, check out this cute Rainbow Loom Lucky Charm Bracelet and Free Printable card.

Owl Always Love You Free Printable

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Owl Always Love You Sweet Valentines Day Free Printable
How do you show your love?  Do you express it with words, or maybe gestures?  One thing that makes us all unique is the way we show others that we care for them. Why not share a few words and a gesture of kindness this Valentine’s Day and hand out the Owl Always Love You Free Printable Valentine Cards. CLICK Below to Download your Free “Owl Always Love You” Printables.  I have two sizes for you to choose from!  A larger size full sheet printable, perfect for framing. Or, you can download a sheet with 4 of the printables that

A Little Lucky Chocolate Shamrock and Free Printable Download

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A Little Lucky Chocolate Shamrock and Free Printable Download
I don’t know if it is because my birthday is in March, or because it’s a signal that Spring will be here soon, but one of my favorite celebratory days of the year has always been St. Patrick’s Day.  I just love everything about little green leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, and March. I also love chocolate! I decided to throw them all together and create A Little Lucky Chocolate Shamrock and Free Printable Download.  To make these lucky chocolate shamrocks I purchased a mold from my local craft store.  I just heated up a little green chocolate candy, added

Sweet on You Valentine Printable

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Sweet On You Free Valentine Printable
I love cute, free printables, and Valentine’s Day is such a cool day to share them!  With my kiddos handing out Valentine’s Cards in a few weeks, I thought I would help them out with something cute, sweet, and simple.  Here is a sweet little Valentine Printable for you to download! Valentine Printable DOWNLOAD the Sweet On You Valentine Printable  Don’t you think this is just the cutest owl ever?  I had fun playing around until I pieced this together from a few different files I had on hand. I just want to kiss these cute cards! Make sure you