DIY Beanie from an Upcycled Sweater

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I have been having a ton of fun lately making projects that are frugal, easy, and can also make great gifts.  With Christmas around the corner, another project I have become addicted to is making a DIY Beanie from an Upcycled Sweater.

All of the kids around here like to wear their beanies!  You can always find them at the stores, and they usually range anywhere from $10 and up.  But why pay for something you can make just as easily? As well as get rid of some of those old sweaters? I am game for emptying out my closet…it means I get to refresh it with more current styles.  But rather than get rid of my old sweaters, I am using them for projects!

DIY Beanie from an Upcycled Sweater

With this DIY Beanie from an Upcyled Sweater you can literally make this project in about 10 minutes.  I even included a video from start to finish.

Now, I have seen a few videos that show you how to make these by sewing, fabric gluing, etc.  I thought I would show you a no sew project with using just a little heat n bond and your iron.

DIY Beanie from Upcycled Sweater

  • old sweater (make sure it isn’t too thick or heavy, these need to be slightly light weight)
  • Heat n Bond (about $2.50 from a craft or sewing store)
  • iron
  • scissors

Check out the video below and watch how easy it is to turn that old sweater into a fun and functional accessory to keep your head warm this up coming winter.

You can always use a heavier weight sweater as well.  I have a few of those on hand as well.  For a heavier weight sweater I do recommend either sewing or using a glue gun and fabric glue sticks to help it adhere a bit better.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Beanie from Upcycled Sweater tutorial, and make sure to follow me on Pinterest to see what other fun projects I have been crafting up lately!


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  1. says

    I love this one! I love beanies first of all, but there are old sweaters that just don’t work anymore for whatever reason, but I love the color/feel of them. And I like easy!
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    • Jennifer says

      You can do this!! No sewing required. Thin sweater and a 2 dolar pack of heat n bond, iron, 10 minutes! LOVE

  2. says

    I love this green approach.
    I have a few old sweaters that don’t fit well, but I think the hardest part for me is to get started doctoring the sweater! Cuz I’ll get emotional about it!
    Cute photos by the way!


    • Jennifer says

      Make sure your sweaters are thin. Thicker ones will need to have fabric glue or to be sewn…but man these are super cute!! The girls LOVE their new hats.


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