Ever wondered what Nashville was like behind the scenes? #NashvilleWives

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*This is a sponsored post for the new TV series Private Lives of Nashville Wives.  I received compensation for this review, but all opinions are my own.

When I was asked to help promote and recap the episodes of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, a new TNT reality TV show that premiered last night, I was a little off kilter.  Mostly because I don’t share much other than crafts and recipes, and a few odds and ends here and there. Being from the South and having a love for country music, I thought about it and decided to give it a shot! This would be new for me, and to be truthful, I am not much into reality TV…mostly because it’s not a “real” reality.

Nashville is a big city in a little city. With music row and the “branded” world headquarters for country music, you can get a little insight into this amazing city. The city is ran on hopes and dreams of breaking into music and being successful, much like Hollywood is the same for actors.

When I started watching the premiere last night, I have to admit I was a little jaded.  Mostly because I tend to group all reality shows into one big group of junk TV. I was actually pleasantly surprised.  The fun part, I actually met one of the stars husbands almost 20 years ago when he was on tour! I went backstage and met Brian White at the tip of his career, and always enjoyed his music. I even tweeted Erika White about it (a star on the show), and then realized I must sound like a stalker. Lol.

The show started off with the introduction of Erika, a retired soap opera star who has been a stay at home mom for 10 years now.  As you start to learn a little more about her, you realize where she is coming from.  Her husband is trying to take his career back off after he abruptly quit singing when they started a family.  With both kids in school now, she has a little more time on her hands and is thinking about starting her acting career back up.  She was super successful before, and I have no doubt if she tries she can do it again. I don’t know much about Hollywood, but if Robert Downey, Jr. can screw up and make the biggest and best comeback ever, I am pretty sure she could do the same.

On another note, when I watch shows like this, I try and find who I most closely associate with.  For this show, I would have to say it is a toss up between Jenny, the National VP of Sales for Living Social, and Sarah, who is married to the number one songwriter in country music.

Jenny is a strong willed work-a-holic mom who is like superwoman. She commutes coast to coast for her job and still finds time for family and her new little guy, Hank. It was a reminder of when I drove all over four states and did Medical Device sales for so long. Needless to say, I know where she is coming from.

Sarah is another story. She is married to the most successful songwriter in Country Music and she has been trying to launch her own music career for a long time.  This girl has goals, and she is trying her hardest to accomplish them, and it seems she may finally do it. I love the fact that she has been working so hard to accomplish her dream, has had a lot of stumbles, but keeps stepping back up and trying again.  You have to admire that tenacity and desire in someone who is chasing after their dreams. I can’t wait to see where her story goes.

The storyline for Cassie: Hooters girl now married to a very successful artist. She doesn’t seem too jaded that people think she is a gold digger, and in fact even said she doesn’t mind. She seems to have other things on her mind, and worrying about what others think of her doesn’t seem to be something she is going to spend much time on. I applaud that! You can’t worry about what you can’t change, and who cares as long as you are happy.

The last two ladies are feisty Cuban-American identical twins who honestly had my head spinning. Betty and Ana cat fight and talk trash to each other like crazy.  Not only that, they are crazy hard headed.  I literally feel like I lost 5 minutes of my life watching these two try and move a pig intended for a roast from the bed of a truck to a table to prepare.  It was insane. They argued over who would get it, who would grab what end, etc. I literally wanted to jump through the TV and grab the pig myself just to get them to get over it and move on.  Maybe that’s the Louisiana in me, but I could have done without the chaos and learned a little more about them.  We do learn Betty is married to the Mavericks leaf singer Raul Malo, and it was a nice ending to the episode watching Raul have a little jam fest with his and Betty’s sons.

The only missing person from this episode was Tina, the other Nashville wife who is married to a prominent cosmetic dentist in Nashville.  It will be interesting to see what she brings to the show!

What’s next for this reality series?  Next week looks ahead to a girls night out on the town and a possible adoption for one of the families…

My quick and easy recap:  The Private Lives of Nashville Wives is going to be the next big reality TV hit. So grab a bottle of wine, get your girlfriends together, and watch the premiere episode when it runs again this weekend!

Nashville Wives

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