Watercolor Leaf Print

Hello everyone! Bethany here from Whistle and Ivy, and I am so excited to share this lovely and EASY watercolor leaf print today. In the corner of my yard, I have a beautifully whimsical  shrub, with fern-like leaves. I have always thought they were lovely. Since I have been dying to try my hand at a simple watercolor painting, I decided to use the pretty leaves from the shrub to make a print. These watercolor leaf prints turned out better than I had hoped, and once you make one, you will be searching your yard for other pretty things to print as well.

I can’t stop making them.

I think I might completely cover my baby’s walls in pretty watercolor prints!

Make these beautiful watercolor leaf prints in just a few minutes. It’s a perfect beginner’s watercolor project!

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Easy Cornbread Skillet Recipe

I love to cook gumbo, chili, field peas, and a good red beans and rice recipe.  When you cook a dish like that, you also need something yummy to eat with it.  I also love to have an easy cornbread recipe I can whip up for Thanksgiving. When in need, I like to break out this delicious and easy cornbread skillet recipe.  It’s a quick recipe, and it goes well with just about everything.  If you are looking for an easy cornbread recipe, you are in the right place!

Easy Cornbread Skillet Recipe | www.pinkwhen.com

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diy Sunday Showcase 7/25, & FAVS!

Welcome back to the diy Sunday Showcase! We had a wonderful group of links shared from this past weeks party.  I can tell everyone is enjoying their Summer and getting geared up for the back to school rush.  We start back in just a couple of weeks! Crazy, I know.

Ready to check out all of those awesome favorites?



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