DIY Crochet Scarf

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Welcome to Wednesday, and another scarf in DIY Scarf Week over here at PinkWhen.  Today I am going to share with you a fun and easy DIY Crochet Scarf, yes crochet!  You can always crochet one of these babies by hand, but I much prefer to use my loom.  You can find my fun red scarf I made last year by clicking here.

DIY Crochet Scarf

DIY Crochet Scarf

I am not going to share a full tutorial here because I actually created a tutorial for this scarf last year.  In fact, it’s such a vague post, I should probably go back and update it with a video because I just re-read that post and would be a little lost if I had never done this before.  I have included a video at the bottom of this post.

DIY Crochet Scarf With A Loom

Using a loom to crochet a scarf is really therapeutic and is a great way to allow myself to de-stress.  Of course, there are OTHER things we can do to de-stress.  Like read a book….which I happen to know of a good one….see below…



But I digress….looming a scarf can be really fun a therapeutic.  There are a ton of different looms you can use, and you can always create your scarf to be longer or shorter and adjust it according to the size you prefer.

DIY Crochet Scarf using a loom!

Doesn’t this look warm and cozy and soft?  I assure you that is is most definitely all of the above!  It’s not quite cold enough to wear a thick scarf like this JUST yet here in Louisiana, but I am looking forward to breaking this one out as soon as the weather cools down a bit more.

Until then…I think I will be making a few more of these for Christmas gifts this year.  I hope you like my DIY Crochet Scarf, and stay tuned to see what we have to share with you tomorrow on DIY Scarf Week!

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    • Jennifer says

      These scarves are really therapeutic to make. I love the repetitive motion and not having to think about it.

    • Jennifer says

      Oh wow! That’s cold! We were only 55 here this morning, but that is cold for us! We usually don’t start getting below freezing until January. How in the world can you read and crochet? You need to do a tutorial on that…. :-)

  1. Angela Miller says

    I’ve got a scarf made but unsure of how to finish it off. What do you need to do to take it off the loom?

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Angela, I actually have a video on youtube that shows you exactly how to bind off the scarf from the loom. Head over to my YouTube channel and you will find it there. :-)


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