DIY Arm Knitting Infinity Scarf

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What have you thought about DIY Scarf Week so far?  Have you found anything easy peasy for you to create for yourself or a loved one?  For my last project I had to make it the best, the DIY Arm Knitting Infinity Scarf. (It was featured on BuzzFeed!) If you haven’t seen this fun technique yet, you are about to FALL IN LOVE.  I even made a video for you to learn this technique.  Watch this video HERE to learn the basics.

DIY Arm Knitting Scarf

Arm Knitting Infinity Scarf Tutorial With Video

This Mushroom Colored Scarf is what I made in the Video, see below!

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  1. says

    You NAILED it!! Our girls LOVE doing those bracelet, they are pros!! I never knew you could do knitting like this. It is like knitting crossed with those games we used to play when we were kids like Cat’s Cradle.
    Lucy has recently discovered the majesty of scarves and LOVES infinity scarves because they don’t come undone on her. This could not have come at a more perfect time!! They are off school today and Monday for parent/teacher conferences…so we are facing a FOUR DAY WEEKEND and need a project. This is the best thing EVER!!!!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Pinterest Nightmare #488: Baby BangsMy Profile

    • Jennifer says

      OK, I just have to warn you that this is COMPLETELY addicting. I have a ton of scarves to make this weekend myself!

      • Danielle says

        COMPLETELY ADDICTING!!! I started tomorrow and I have 9 orders from co-workers. Any suggestions on how to do change colors in the same scarf?

        • Jennifer says

          That’s awesome! I have not done the multiple colors, so I am not much help with that. I would guess you just need to switch the color and tie your working ends together for the new color and then keep knitting away!

    • Jennifer says

      I have done that before….this is actually not as hard as it looks at first…it gets really simple and goes by FAST!

  2. says

    OK, these are great. And with myself and 2 daughters always wearing cowls/infinity scarves, to make these is a must! What yarn did you use for the wine colored scarf? Thanks so much for sharing! ~
    Jill (MamaGing) recently posted…Monster GoodnessMy Profile

    • Jennifer says

      The Wine Colored scarf is by Lion Brand, it’s an 8oz. weight and the color is Claret Rouge Bordeaux. My scarf model in the picture, she loved both of these scarves so much that when I left, my scarves didn’t come with me! LOL.

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks so much! I think these are the best photos I have taken in a while. The video isn’t as pretty, LOL.

    • Jennifer says

      haha! Ok good, with it being so cold where you are, this is perfect for a weekend of fun with you and Chloe!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks so much! My daughter is almost 13, and she is going to be making these like crazy for Christmas gifts for her teachers and friends. Now I just need to find where I can store all of the yarn she is requesting!

  3. says

    I always wanted to learn to knit because sometimes I have trouble doing only one thing at once. It’s weird. I like to move my hands while watching TV. I like to read while eating! Sometimes it’s rude and certain things suffer from multi-tasking but I think I could pull this off!
    Tamara recently posted…Anything Can Happen On Halloween.My Profile

    • Jennifer says

      Awesome!! You totally have to let me know how it goes for you. I promise you are going to be so surprised at how fast this goes….your friends and family are going to LOVE these scarves!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Karen! I’m not sure how old your daughter is, but I am almost positive she will be addicted if she is like my daughter!

  4. says

    Wow! I watched it without sound, but I think I can do that. It looks like you are using your arms as knitting needles. I know how to knit, but I never finish anything. If you promise it only takes 30 minutes, I may have to give it a try!
    Stopping by from Sharefest and Pinning!

    • Jennifer says

      Yes! The first time it may take you a little longer because you are learning it, but the second one and everything after that are 30 minutes!

    • Jennifer says

      It’s really cool! My 12 year old made a beautiful purple scarf today and is LOVING this technique. I think I created a monster with her :-)

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Patricia! I am sort of addicted to scarf making, too. I can’t seem to have too many….my closet space says otherwise… :-)

  5. says

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    Your post was chosen by one of our co-hosts as a winner of The PINcentive Blog Hop, so CONGRATS! We absolutely loved this infinity scarf :o)

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    I look forward to hearing from you and Happy Friday!

  6. Nancy Clark says

    I watched your tutorial today, and then I picked up yarn to make this because it looked so simple. I get the actual casting and the knitting, BUT I JUST CAN’T GET THE SLIP KNOT! :( My husband has been starting, stopping, and going back for me as I kept trying to do the knot, but I can’t get it!

    I have done macrame, knotted jewelry, tied different knots for my kids and grandchidren, so it isn’t like I can’t tie a knot.

    Is there any way you can explain that first part in words? I give myself the extra for tying off later, fold it over, twist, and then drop it over the yarn that is hanging down, but I never get a knot. What in the world can I possibly be doing wrong. It may seem crazy, but this knot is about to drive me crazy!! PLEASE HELP

    • Jennifer says

      Ahh…the slip knot! It is easy. So…take your yarn and create that loop I show you in the video, then twist the loop, and then grab the working yarn end and pull it thru. This will create the slip knot for you. If that doesn’t help, I am sure you can find a video or diagram on You Tube to help you visualize….I always have to see things a few times before I can grasp it!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi there! If you watch the video, at the end it tells you what to do with the last loop and remaining yarn. You will tie that into a knot and then cut. It’s easier to explain with the video than words. I hope that helps :-)

  7. Nancy Clark says

    Thank you for answering. I watched your video several more times, then watched a few others on You Tube. I finally got it. I was not grabbing JUST the working end to pull it through.

    You might get a giggle out of this. When I finally got the first slip knot down, it was easy sailing. I learned to knit about 45 years ago, so it all made sense to me. As I was casting off the last three stitches, I sneezed (my yard is a little fuzzy), and I dropped the stitch I was getting ready to do. By this time (almost an hour after I started – so about 12:30 am), I was standing up, and the weight of the scarf was pulling down. WRONG THING TO DO!!! Long story short, I couldn’t stop it from pulling out, and when I tried to lay the whole things down to fix it, other stitches started coming undone, too. My husband (he is such a good man!!!) tried to help me by holding the loops as I unraveled until I could come to the point where everything was falling apart. It was just not going to happen.

    I had one of my famous hissy fits :( and unraveled the whole scarf. After I got it unraveled, wound, and tied so it wouldn’t be one big knot in the morning (- the cat – everything in the house is hers for having fun) I gave up and went to bed.

    I am happy to tell you that I made two scarves yesterday morning. It took me a little longer than yours, but it was amazing how quickly it was to finish one.

    Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. Names are quickly getting marked off my list with this as a finished gift!

    • Jennifer says

      I am so glad you got it figured out! I thought you might be trying to pull both tails of yarn thru versus just the working yarn. I had to pull a scarf out once too….but the good news is that they don’t take too long to make all over again! So glad you got everything figured out :-)

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Mary Beth, I am not sure why it won’t play for you. You can go to You Tube and find it. :-) It should be working now…if it isn’t, you have have to clear your browser and try again. Sometimes these computers are a little tricky!

  8. Nancy Clark says

    I wanted to check in and thank you for sharing this! I struggled the first night with that slip knot (as you can see by my previous post.) I couldn’t see that you were ONLY PULLING THE WORKING THREADS THROUGH TO MAKE THE SLIP KNOT, so it would not work!

    But now we are really going with these scarves! I was in Wal-Mart with my granddaughter one day last week. While there another customer (whom I had never met) was looking for a pattern for scarves. I let my granddaughter pick out her yarn, and I showed the woman how to make “your” scarf right there. I finished that scarf (except for sewing together the ends) while we were walking through Wal-Mart. People were stopping us to tell us how pretty it was, and to ask where they could find the pattern or how to do it.

    I can’t tell you how many people I have told to go to your site for the video. Several have had a hard time understanding the name of your blog, so I tell them just to remember they are asking a question – pink when = When am I going to have a baby girl? That helped the address stick for a lot of them.

    I have now made 6 scarves, and I have the yarn to make 4 more. (My husband even stops at the clearance section to see if there is any yarn that would work. :) )

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I just found out that money is going to be very tight for a while, and I have decided to make these scarves for 9 or 10 people + one for each granddaughter! If anyone struggles or thinks it would be too complicated, have them go back and read my previous post and then read this one! You shared one of the easiest projects I have ever done.

    • Jennifer says

      I can’t tell you how much that mans to me! I am so happy that you love this pattern and scarf, and I am so happy you are sharing this with others. It is really one of the coolest, easiest projects I have ever done, with such an awesome result at the end.

      Thank you again for always posting your wonderful questions and thoughts, I truly enjoy reading them. Not to mention, I am not sure if you read the other parts of my blog, but I also have a video tutorial for the arm knitted blanket (and I thought of you when I made the video so the slip knot and actual links are easier to see when I am making it) and I also have a great video tutorial on how to turn old sweaters into cute little beanie hats. You should go and check out those other posts…I have thumbnail pictures and the links to them under the crafts and diy accessories sections on my blog.

      Thank you again for all of your wonderful words and thoughts!


  9. Casey says

    So I am completely new at any kind of knitting! I saw this video and I really think I could make these! My only question what is a good yarn to use….? I

    • Jennifer says

      I really love Lion’s Brand. It’s what I use more than anything, but there are other good yarns out there. :-)

  10. Ashley says

    I just did this and it was so easy! But when I held it up the ends were uneven. The starting end is much longer and looser than the end. Any tips?

    • Jennifer says

      Yes! Actually, my first scarf was a little uneven as well. Just try and make sure when you start out, and as you are knitting, to keep the same amount of tension on the yarn, and the same sized loops. I also, after every “arm switch” just kind of pull down on each of the rows to make sure they are all even. (I think I do that in the video as well, but I probably don’t say what I am doing) So glad you found it easy!

  11. Jana says

    Hey, worked on these- have done 3 now… but am having some trouble each time.
    When I move the last loop to the other arm, and then tighten it- the “knot” ends up on the top of my arm- and the rest of the ‘knots’ are on the bottom of my arm. (does that make sense?) What am I doing wrong?
    Also, I watched how to tie off the end several times, and I’m just not understanding what you are doing to finish it off. Can you explain, or maybe post another video?
    LOVE this technique, but am having a few ‘operator errors’ :) haha

    • Jennifer says

      Jana, I may have to make a “Frequently Asked Questions” video. I am not quite understanding what is going on with your scarf…but let me try to help. I think my daughter has this happen to her sometimes, too. When you move it to you other arm, and the knots from the new stitches you are creating are kind of not symmetrical and one is on top, the other in the back, a couple under? What I have had her do is just finish up all of the stitches until she has all of the chains on one arm, and then with your fingers from your free hand, start pulling gently on the stitches and lining them all up and evening them all out. I then also move my way down doing the scarf and just slightly pull on all of the stitches to even them out. When I do this, it makes a big difference. As far as ending the scarf, are you confused about binding off? Or confused about how to tie off that last stitch and finish up?

  12. Corrie says

    So the casting on and most of the first row came easy to me but when I get to the last stitch on the first row (the slip knot) I can’t get it to make the knot the way the others stitches do. The yarn between my wrists looks longer than in your video and the last stitch just remains a huge hanging loop with the original knot from the slip knot hanging half way down. I hope this makes since, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong on this one stitch! Please help!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Corrie! Are you making the slip knot correctly? It almost sounds like you are not making it correctly. When you make a slip knot you should be able to adjust it and “cinch” it down so it does not move on you. Make sure you are making that correctly…I had another reader who had something similar happen and she wasn’t making the knot correctly. Just remember when you twist and reach thru to grab either the “working yarn” or the “tail”, but don’t grab them both. I hope that helps!

  13. Jana says

    I was doing the slip knot backwards! I will try another one, and see if that works! I’m also wondering if I’m puling to tight b/c my outside stitches are loose, and the inside ones are tighter… ?
    As far as the end part goes… I re-watched the video again and will try it again (and keep you posted if I need more help!)
    Thank you!!!

    • Jennifer says

      I am glad you were able to figure the slipknot issue out! It can be a bit of a pain if you do not know what you are doing when you first start using slip knots. I had the same issue when I started. :-)

  14. Kimberly says

    This looks so fun! I am going to make a couple for my cousins for their birthdays!! Do you know the approximate yardage you used?

    • Jennifer says

      Honestly I just made the scarves and kind of wrapped them around myself when I made them to get the exact length and look I wanted. Each one I have made has been a little different.

  15. Corrie says

    Hi, yes the slip not is correct I believe. It cinches and doesn’t move and when Im pulling it off for the first row it doesn’t make the same stitch the other loops make.

    • Jennifer says

      Try watching a video on making a slip knot, or just make sure when you make the slip knot….you make the loop, twist the loop, then grab ONE set of yarn, not both sets. That could be the mistake you are making. Hope that helps!

  16. MARIVI says


  17. Courtney says

    I AM IN LOVE! Honestly, I’ve never even owned an infinity scarf because most of the ones I’ve seen are just too thin for my liking. I was even nervous as I was making my first scarf that I wasn’t even going to like it.

    I made it a little longer than you suggested (I think around 25 rows of loops) just because I like my scarves a little longer and bulkier and it came out perfect! I’m so thrilled! I’ve never even knit anything in my life and here I am whipping up a scarf like it’s my job.

    You made it so easy to learn. Thank you! Here’s a picture of my scarf (hopefully you’ll be able to see it) I plan on making many more!


    • Jennifer says

      Perfect! So glad you included the video. Soo…even when I make the scarves, my last knot will end up a little “wonky” and on top of my wrist, as well as the others on my arm are all at different angles. Before I start moving everything over to my other arm, I just straighten them all up to where they are all under my arm…and then I start. You will always have to adjust your links because you are always twisting and moving your arms, and they will end up a little off. Just make sure to straighten them all up before you start on the next row. Hope that helps! I guess it has become such a habit for me that I didn’t realize that is what I do…but you can even watch the video and see me straighten my loops before I start the next rows. Hopefully that helps you out! :-)

  18. Amanda says

    Hi! Love these scarfs and want to try a few this weekend..but had a quick question first. How many packages of yarn does it take to make one scarf? (Do you use an entire package for one scarf) . Thanks!

    • Jennifer says

      Well you need two, because you have to use both skeins of yarn. However, depending on how long you make it, what type of yarn, and the weight of the yarn, you may be able to make two…I have used thinner yarns and been able to make 2 – 3 scarves. The thicker the material, the more it actually uses. Hope that helps!

  19. Brittli says

    2 questions! 1, do you technically count one “strand/thread” as 2 pieces of yarn to make the scarf thicker, making one stitch of the beginning step 4 pieces of yarn? 2, if I am correct that technically 4 pieces of yarn equal one stitch, what happens to the loop that you started off with(the knot to start the scarf)?

  20. Liz says

    Hi Jen! I have bought big things of yarn not like what you have in the box. I was wondering how many feet of yarn I need to do this scarf?

    • Jennifer says

      It depends on how large you want your scarf to be and how thick the yarn is. I have been able to make 2 and 3 scarves from just two skeins of yarn, and then I have also only been able to make one scarf. It really just depends on the length you want your scarf and the thickness of the yarn. Hope that helps!

  21. First Time Knitting Guy says

    Hello, I am going to need some help…but I’m going to try this.
    I’m sure with a bit of practice I can figure this out, but my main question that I haven’t been able to answer is how many first stitches do I need for a scarf? I’m thinking probably 10? but others have done as few as 6 I believe. The only other question is how long should the tail be? Thank you for your help and I’m looking forward to getting started, hopefully I can complete a few before Christmas!

    • Jennifer says

      Your tail needs to be about 3 ft or so long. When you make your slip knot, that is considered your first stitch. and then depending on how wide you would like you scarf, I would say make maybe 8-12 stitches. Then the number of stitches for the length really is up to you for how long of a scarf you are planning on making. Hope that helps!

  22. Stephanie Dixon says

    This is lovely! I’ve taught myself how to knit scarves before (with knitting needles) but they never turn out so I’m excited to try this this weekend! Thank you for the lovely tutorial!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Stephanie, you will love this. My daughter has all of her friends at school making these now. They are such a quick and fun project.

  23. Dawn says

    Jennifer, I just finished watching your video and am very excited to try this! How much yarn did it take to make the scarf on the video?

    • Jennifer says

      hi Dawn! I used TWO skeins of yarn, and I used about half of each skein for this scarf. In fact, I had enough leftover that I was able to make TWO scarves. It really just depends on how long you want your scarf to be, and what brand, how heavy your yarn is. Hope that helps! :-)

  24. says

    I’ve been knitting with looms for awhile and tried this the other night. I love it and its a lot easier. Any ideas on how to make a hat this easy?

  25. Jillian says

    I love these scarves and am doing a whole bunch for christmas gifts this year! I was wondering if you knew any secret to keeping your loops uniform and tight! I seem to keep having one or two loops every couple of rows that are larger than the rest, any help is appreciated!

    • Jennifer says

      hi Jillian, we have been making tons of scarves for friends and family as well. Actually, I have had a few stitches in some of the scarves that were a little large and I usually tie those back into the scarf by weaving them in. It seems to do the trick! I am not sure what is causing it, but I think in my case I am skipping a stitch or doing something like that.

  26. Laura says

    Hi! I tried this tonight and I was able to go under the first loop but could never get the “over” part. The loop being held with my index finger. I really wanna make one of these and I got so frustrated haha. Any way you could post a photo?
    Thank you

  27. Bonnie Bliss says

    You my friend are an awesome teacher. I have noticed that with a lot of the tutorials of any type, that they talk so fast you can’t follow along. You are very calming when you talk. This is an amazing project and I thank you!

  28. Katie says

    Okay so I’m new to this and I’ve been trying for hours now. Lol. Is the tail suppose to be getting shorter when making the first 12 loops? Because I feel like I start with a really long tail and by the end it’s way shorter. :-/ any help would be great. Thanks!

  29. Kristen says

    When i get to the end of the first arm switch…the last loop leaves a huge piece hanging…. I thought from the slip knot…but every other row the last loop ends up that way…can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!?

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Kristen, I am actually making a video and should have it up tonight that will show the basics, and maybe from that you will be able to see what could be happening. Hopefully it helps!

  30. monica says

    I tried it and I ended up with a bunch of knots.. I was using the super bulky yarn 6oz …it looks easy but clearly I’m not cut out..disappointed

  31. Laura says

    Still can’t get it. Got the 12 stiches but now I’m stuck on the other arm. The tail that’s supposed to stay out of the way keeps getting in the way. And I end up with a big mess. You make it look so easy :/

    • Jennifer says

      Just take your time with it. Practice with it, and maybe it will “click” and you will be able to make one. :-)

  32. Steph says

    I want to make some for my nieces and sister in law. They look so easy! I have never knitted in my life but hopefully I’ll be able to pick this up. I was wondering how many balls of yarn you need for one scarf? Do you just use 1 6-8oz skein? Or do you need 2 per scarf? Thanks for the great video! I’m excited to start on some tonight!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Steph, if you get a little lost with this video, I have one up that is Arm Knitting: Learning the Basics. It should clarify any questions you might have. Also, you will need 2 skeins of yarn, and depending on what brand, how thick the yarn is, as well as how long you make your scarf, you may be able to make yourself 2 scarves. Hope that helps! Here is a link to the other video if you get lost:

  33. Ksenia says

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I was looking for a quick scarf to make for a friend, and this fit the bill. Now I’m making one for every one of my girlfriends for Christmas! Perfect gift, and so fast and easy!

  34. Cheree says

    These are fabulous! My 17 yr old daughter came across your tutorial on Pinterest and came home excited to try it. I have been making crocheted infinity scarves for Christmas gifts and after seeing your video, she wanted to try her hand at it. She raided my yarn stash and in about a half an hour, she had a pretty new lavender scarf to wear to her chorus concert tonight! She got loads of compliments on it and is now asking for more yarn for Christmas! How can I say no to that?!?

    • Jennifer says

      I bet that scarf is gorgeous! My daughter also made a beautiful dark lavender scarf and it really was beautiful. I am so glad she likes it and just a warning – it’s addicting!

  35. Lauren says

    This is PERFECT! I needed something that was quick and easy to make an sell for a mission trip fundraiser and you’re right…they are COMPLETELY addicting. I’ve been wearing mine to work and class and everyone is asking me where I got them and if I can make them one!

  36. Kelly says

    I have been looking at so many youtube videos on this, and yours is by far the best I’ve seen. Thank you for posting! Very helpful!

  37. yvonne says

    would like to try to make a baby hammock but not sure how to increase or decrease could you give me some idea on how to do it.

    • Jennifer says

      I am not quite sure how big you would like it, but if staying small, I would start with 5-7 chains for the width, and then add the amount of rows you feel you would need to have the length you are looking for. I am not sure I would use yarn, I would look for something with heavier weight and sturdier if you are actually placing an infant in it, and I wouldn’t recommend – or feel that this would be a safe option. If you are looking to make this for an American Girl doll, or something similar, I think the yarn would be fine.

  38. rosalie says

    how many stitches would I need to make it longer than a cowl . something like 12 and how many rows to make it above the waist.
    thank you

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Rosalie, this is actually for an infinity scarf, not a cowl. It hangs down to my waist and I double it up as an infinity scarf. Hope that helps!

  39. Becky says

    My husband’s cousin showed me how to make these at our Christmas gathering 3 weeks ago, so after Christmas I watched a few videos and tried to make one. After 3 or 4 tries, I did it! I gave that one to my god-daughter and posted a picture on my Facebook page. People went crazy over them! Then I watched your video and it made more sense how to make them. Since last Sunday, I have made 5 more scarves and sold 4 of them and gave one as a birthday gift. Using the same technique, I made the coolest, cutest button-on boot toppers today using my fingers instead of my arms. I can’t wait to post pictures of them on Facebook and see how many of them I can sell. This has been such a blessing at a time when my family could use a little extra income. If I can bring in an extra $200-$250 a month while I’m watching tv, that will pay the electric bill or two weeks of groceries or textbooks for my son who is in college.

    Thanks again!!

  40. Linda says

    Thank you so very much for the video! You are a really good teacher…..sure would like to have you as a neighbor! Thanks again!! Can’t wait to try this :)

  41. says

    Hi Jennifer! Quick question, I’m wondering if after we finish the first scarf, the remainder of the yarn.. is there enough to make a second scarf do you think? Thanks!

    • Jennifer says

      Ye, ma’am! If you don’t have enough to make an Infinity scarf, you could check out my other video and make a chunky cowl scarf…super quick… in less than 20 minutes!

  42. Jamie says

    I love this and have made several but two have had links come out and I don’t know how to fix them. I made one for my son’s girlfriend and it got snagged on her backpack. Any idea how to mend one?

    • Jennifer says

      I have had that happen, too! The best way to try and work them back into the scarf is to pull on the links around them and try and get them back in place as best as you can. I was able to do it with one, but I had issues with another one. :-/

  43. Bella Luna says

    Thank you so much for your video- it’s perfect! I made my first one and it came out pretty good. I was wondering with the lions brand homespun yarn how many skeins do you need to make it look like your wine color scarf. Is it just 2? How did you get it to look so full? Did the model wrap it around more than once or is just the kind of yarn you used the 8oz vs 6 oz? Thank you for taking the time to read this:)

  44. Bella Luna says

    Thanks. So I only need 2 of the 8oz. If I use 6 oz will it still look full? TY!!!! Wearing my scarf now:)

  45. Bella+Luna says

    I guess I am just trying figure out what kind of yarn would give a full look other than the Lions 6.0z thick wool-ease thick and quick. I like that look but I am in Cali and that might be too heavy for some people. Its 64 degrees here and I am cold! LOL

    • Jennifer says

      Ha! I used a smaller size yarn for a few of mine, but they just don’t give that chunky look. Lucky you with that awesome Cali weather!

  46. Eryn says

    I made my first arm knit scarf last weekend and I kept getting it caught on stuff so the links were falling out. After reading your comment above about pulling on the links around it, I was able to fix it! Thank you so much!

  47. says

    Wow! It’s been over a year since you ladies got to these gorgeous projects! So, late to the game but I’ve just finished my first scarf and it’s gorgeous and SO easy and quick. My grandson will be making one for his mom for Christmas and I’m going to try my hand….er, arms….at making a throw for the couch. Thanks for the clear instructions.

  48. Amanda says

    I can’t wait to get started on this…last minute Christmas gifts. I just wanted your opinion, does the brands of yarn that you use shed? I believe I’ve use the regular homespun and it shed like crazy. Any tips?


    • Jennifer says

      I use the Lion Brand and I have worn my scarves a TON. They don’t shed a ton, but they have shed some. I have noticed it being really bad. Not sure if I am much help!

  49. kelly says

    Amazing, thank you so much. You have created an addict.This was so easy and the results were beyond what I thought I could accomplish. Love, love, love this.

  50. Molly says

    Thanks for teaching. I’ve made two since watching your videos. Both ended up twice as wide at the end as when I began. Why?? I’m simply moving it all from one wrist to the other. How are loops getting added? HELP!


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